• Are you tired of a dry facial skin ?
  • Are you tired of large pores ?
  • Are you tired of rough sun damaged skin?
  • Are you tired of facial skin pigmentation?
  • You don't like the way your facial skin look like?
  • Have you tried many different products with no result?

Then you need to read THe following amazing facts.

The decrease of water molecules in the interstitial layers of the facial skin and inadequate lymphatic drainage are the mother cause of the majority of skin problems .Our very active lifestyle, inappropriate diet, stress, global warming, damage of the ozone layer and many other complex factors have created the conditions which at the end have resulted in an unhealthy, dry and damaged facial skin.

Every year billions of dollars are spent to bring back the natural health to our facial skin. Unfortunately, Those techniques, surgical and non surgical are just trying to attack the problem at a very late stage.

Gold has been used for thousand of years in skin health and beauty, but the very expensive price made it only available to the rich and famous. with the advent of nanotechnology we can now benefit from the amazing effects of gold at a fraction of the cost. The best approach to obtain a young and healthy facial skin is through preventive measures. Research has shown that a well hydrated skin with adequate lymphatic drainage would defend itself against harmful factors. Research with the deep skin moisturizer analyzer, using electrical impedance, has shown that more than 90 % of individuals between the age of 15 to 70 have a chronic dry skin with poor and unbalanced lymphatic drainage. Regular moisturizers have a very short acting and uneven moisturizing effect with no lymphatic effect leaving the deep layers of the skin, dry and unevenly moisturized. After many years of in depth study, research and trials, he finally created the Diana Bogart 4in 1 nano-gold collagen Facial mask.This 21st century technology has the best ingredients for long term and even moisturizing effect.

The follow up with the deep skin moisturizer analyzer has shown an amazing long term moisturizing effect with adequate lymphatic drainage. After studying The Diana Bogart 4in 1 gold collagen mask, the American Cosmetic and Esthetic Product Research Institute decided the award it The best product of the year 2012. Our masks are now available through a limited ,high end and selective VIP beauty salons and beauty supply stores around the world.

After our great success in introducing the 4 in 1 collagen gold mask, many companies have tried to come up with cheap imitations.

When purchasing our product Please watch for :

- the Diana Bogart name
- and the best product of the year 2012 by the American Cosmetic and Esthetic Product research institute logo.

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    Skin Moisture Analyzer


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